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Professional Networking

Digital Brand Strategy



Founder and CEO at NK- Corporate Digital Strategy

Working with corporations to improve their digital presence. Expanding their communities and building customer relationships online using social media strategies.


Founder of Wearable Tech Israel

Wearable technology evangelist in the Start-Up Nation.
Advising large companies and startups around the globe.

Professional Skills

Digital Brand Strategy · Growth Hacker · Innovation Strategy· Marketing · Mobile Phones · Networking · Social Networking · Startups Advisor · Technology Evangelism · Wearable computing advisour, Mentor.

"If people tell you that you're too young, tell them they are too old Age is no indicator of talent, skill, know-how or maturity."

− Nir Kouris

"People should not be judged by their age. They should be judged by their brains. I call it "no age. Just brain"

− Nir Kouris

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